private bakery + flower shop in philadelphia.

what is trash snack and how does it work?

  • trash snack is a private delivery and pickup service based in philadelphia.

I think I have an account. How can I access it?

  • Just visit the Lost Password page and type in your email. You’ll get an automated email that contains a link for you to reset your password and login. 

I don’t have an account. How can I get one?

  • You can sign up for one at

How long do my snacks stay edible?

  • As long as they look and smell good! We seal all of our snacks as soon as we make them so we can avoid using preservatives. Snacks are best stored in the fridge or freezer and should be kept in an airtight container.

I missed an item – is it coming back!?

  • Our full range of gummy and smokable products are available year round, as is our vegan chocolate bar and fruity pebbles treats. Unfortunately, the remainder of our snacks are mostly seasonal and are offered in limited quantities. This keeps things interesting for all of us.

Who is trash snack?

  • we are founded by an intergenerational philadelphian of color. we hope someday to exist in a society with free-to-the-consumer healthcare that includes cannabis products but until then 🙂